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Business & Tourism Department

The Business and the Tourism Departments came together in January 2021. As the largest single department at SJHC, we continue to infuse our programs with the practical knowledge and skills required by our stakeholders and impact the wider community.

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Tourism Management

Students can also choose to pursue double majors.

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Ms. Kristilee Augustine

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Why Study Here?

Whether your interest is in pursuing a general or specialist business degree, consider our program offerings here at Sacred Heart Junior College. Our graduates have moved on to higher education degree programs at national and regional universities. Our programs also prepare our graduates for professional or technical occupations such as bookkeeping, marketing, junior-mid-level management, business administration, and entrepreneurship.

Why Study Accounting?

Accounting is a valuable skill that is in demand by employers.  Having a degree in accounting improves business literacy.  If one aspires to own their own business or open themselves to more varied employment opportunities, an accounting degree is one pathway to follow. Graduates from our program have pursued accounting careers in the private sector, government sector, and private business ownership. 

Why Study Business?

A business degree remains a popular choice among students who enroll at college and here at Sacred Heart Junior College.  A business degree provides students with the academic knowledge and foundation to branch out into more specific business fields, such as marketing, global business, human resources, and economics. Students who see themselves as entrepreneurs on their life path start building their business skills with a degree in business.

Why study Tourism Management?

As tourism-dependent countries such as ours work towards improving their competitiveness as  a choice destination, a degree in tourism management positions students to work in critical areas of the tourism sector such as hospitality, hotel management, event planning, and ecotourism. The tourism sector accounts for 28 percent of total employment in Belize (Belize Tourism Board, 2011) and is also the largest foreign exchange earner. Employment opportunities will continue to grow in this sector. 

Why Pursue a Degree With the Business and Tourism Department?

We are proud of the quality of our programs. We mould our students into professionals that are critical thinkers, problem solvers, better communicators, and leaders. We provide practical instruction, meaning that students can practically apply the knowledge and skills they learn throughout the program through real-life projects and internships involving the business community.  Graduates from our programs are employable and entrepreneurial.

Take a look at our programs’ mission, vision, and goals and decide if Sacred Heart Junior College is right for you.

Program Sequences for Business and Tourism Department

Tourism Management
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Business Program Sequence, Program Sequences June 21, 2022
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Business Program Sequence, Program Sequences June 21, 2022
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Business Program Sequence, Program Sequences January 16, 2024
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