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Associate Degree in Biology

Our Associate’s Degree Biology Program is a two year program aimed at (1) providing its students with the fundamental skills, attitudes and knowledge needed for a variety of careers or to further their studies in the Biological Science or Environmental Science Fields; (2) to promote enjoyment and a sense of appreciation for the various organism that populate our planet; (3) provide students with a depth of understanding in the structure and function of the human body, organismal development as well as the biochemical reactions needed to sustain life.

This program takes advantage of all the resources available to us in Belize with its high levels of biodiversity and species richness. Many of our courses have both laboratory and field components which provide our students with a hands-on approach to learning. Our vision is to advocate a high standard of excellence through scientific methodologies and research that would foster critical thinking skills and environmental responsibility in our students. 

Key Courses Offered

The Biology program prepares students by offering the following courses: 

  • Cytology
  • Principles of Genetics and Evolution
  • Biodiversity
  • Growth and Development
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II
  • Introduction to Botany
  • Human Health and Diseases
  • Advanced Ecology
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