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Certificate in School Leadership Program

The Certificate in School Leadership Program (CSLP)

  • Prepares educators to lead and manage the Quality Child Friendly Schools of 21st century Belize.
  • Supports principals and other prospective educational leaders in understanding and applying theoretical concepts, developing school leadership skills and dispositions in order to transform their schools into Quality Child-Friendly Schools

Certificate in School Leadership Program

The course is developed under the following modules:

  • Course 1 - School Leadership
  • Course 2 - Leadership for Change
  • Course 3 - Leadership for School Improvement Planning
  • Course 4 - Leading Teachers
  • Course 5 - Stewardship of Schools

Mixed Modality Delivery Approach:

  • Self-study with high quality reference materials
  • Online instructions
  • Individualized school-based coaching
  • Online activities.


The final programme synthesis exercise is an activity that synthesizes competencies developed across all five courses.  This capstone activity will help principals to identify interrelations and integration through specific school actions, and involve preparation for undertaking an action-oriented research that will contribute to an aspect of school improvement.

Key Courses Offered

The Certificate in School Leadership program prepares students by offering the following courses: 

  • Intro to Education
  • The Nature of the Learner
  • Teaching Methods for Primary Curriculum
  • Language Arts Methods for the Primary Classroom II
  • College Math for Primary School Teachers II
  • Managing the Regular and Multigrade Grades
  • Social Studies Methods for the Primary Classroom
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