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Student Life

Student Life at Sacred Heart Junior College

Excellence. Innovation. Productivity. Sacred Heart Junior College, dedicated to forging relationships that transform and connect.

What makes SHJC so different? It’s tough to describe, but you’ll feel it when you set foot on campus. When joining SHJC, you are not just a student, you will be the newest member of our family. At SHJC we are a family, that is why our motto is My Family, My Foundation! Don’t take our word for it, you have to experience it for yourself, so come and join our SHJC Family!


Student Activities

The school year 2022-2023 started back face-to-face. Therefore, many student activities were done. 

For Example: Anything but a School Bag Day

                          Bonfire on Campus

                          Pijama Day

Social Life

Next school year we will have better and more activities for all students!

We can’t wait to start another school year. 


There are many options to travel to and from the campus.

Sacred Heart Junior College is strategically located in San Ignacio Town on Joseph Andrews Drive. Bus lines and taxis run to and from San Ignacio passing in-front of our school.


SHC Inc. has a large parking lot available for students and visitors. 

The Campus Experience

Sacred Heart Junior College was established in September 1999 and has grown from an initial enrollment of 90 students to over 600 students in 2019. Throughout our great history, Sacred Heart Junior College has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a leader in higher education, the Junior College has grown out of a community college model.

Dining On Campus

Sacred Heart College Inc has a cafeteria that offers breakfast and lunch and has a large shed with picnic tables. The cafeteria is located on the high school area.


Sacred Heart College has won countless athletic matches in football and basketball. Go Scorpions!


Student activities and events are a vital part of Sacred Heart Junior College’s experience complementing your academic education. Your education doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Unfortunately for the past two years, classes were online so we haven’t had students and events on campus.


Sacred Heart College Inc. has a 24/7 security on campus. Security booths are located on the Eastern and Western sections of the campus.


Sacred Heart College Inc. employs a full time nurse. An isolation area is also established in case any student is presenting covid-19 symptoms.


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