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Sacred Heart Junior College offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships designed to help you and your family pay for your school. Scholarships and grants are types of gift aid that do not have to be repaid.

Scholarship Options

Scholarships Types


The Goodwill scholarship is granted in a case by case basis based on the student’s financial need.

Police Program

The Police Partnership scholarship is granted to any Police officer who wants to further his/her studies. That person is chosen by the Police Department.

Student Assistantship

The Student Assistantship is a grant or partial scholarship granted to students that are in financial need, maintain a GPA of 2.5 and above and must sign a work contract.


The Sports Scholarship is a grant, or partial scholarship that is granted to students that are in the Scorpions Team.

Chris Aird Valedictorian

The Chris Aird Valedictorian Scholarship, is a full scholarship granted to high school valedictorians, who enroll at Sacred Heart Junior College.


The Vocation Scholarship is a full scholarship granted to students that are pursuing a degree in theology.


  • Must be in Financial need.
  • Have and maintain a GPA of 3.0 and above.
  • You are meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  • You have approximately the same amount of financial need that you had in prior years.


  • You must be actively enrolled or seeking enrollment at Sacred Heart Junior College at the time of application for you to be considered.
  • The award is valid for one academic semester of study at Sacred Heart Junior College. Having been awarded a Scholarship you may seek renewal by repeating the application process. You must reapply on a semester basis. Renewal is not automatic.
  • The award covers fees (excluding the SHC Endowment Fund, Registration, Course Fees, Student ID , course, and T-shirt fees) and/or tuition on a semester basis in exchange for service to the institution. Monies disbursed will be paid directly to the SHC Finance Department to assist with defraying of tuition costs and/or fees for the semester. Monies are not transferable to another semester and payment will not be made directly to the recipient for any (additional) hours of service.
  • Upon acceptance of a scholarship award, you will be required to sign a contract, perform duties and responsibilities as outlined in the assigned position’s job description and be evaluated regularly by the assigned supervisor or director of student services.
  • Other terms and conditions applicable to your responsibilities are outlined in detail in the scholarship contract signed at the time of acceptance.

Deadline for Submission

  • Last Friday in May for Fall Semester
  • Last Friday in November for Spring Semester


To complete your application for your scholarship, you must submit the following along with your completed application form:

  • A copy of your acceptance letter from our institution.
  • Transcript
  • 2 Recommendations. Letters of Reference from a respected public official (Principal, Justice of the Peace, etc).
  • Evidence of financial need (TD4 Form or letter of declaration for the person supporting you).
  • Police Record (if over 18)

Kerie Garcia (Student Assistantship Scholarship)

Kerie Garcia is one of our student assistantship recipients.  She is a highly motivated student pursuing an associate degree in Early Childhood Education.  The student assistantship has alleviated the financial weight on her parents and has allowed Kerie to venture out of her comfort zone.  Kerie is acquiring valuable skills that will complement her journey towards success.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Angelique Ayuso, M.ED
Phone : 636-1800
Email : studentservices@shc.edu.bz
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