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+(501) 824-2102 +(501) 824-2758 +(501) 824-3621   

Academic Departments

Information Technology Department

In the Information Technology Department, we focus in preparing students for the real world applications and we try our best to provide the best real world experiences.

Business & Tourism Department

In the Business & Tourism Department, students are prepared for higher-level education and success as business and accounting professionals in the public and private sector.

Science Department

The goal of Sacred Heart Junior College’s Science Department is to offer students a sound education based on the principles of science. All courses within our varied programs are linked by their reliance on the scientific method, experimentation, and research.

Education Department

The Education Department provides a positive environment that fosters the acquisition of pedagogical knowledge, skills and attitudes. The main purpose is to embed in the scholars the aptitude and knowledge for application, understanding and communication to enable learning to our most valuable human resource, the children.

General Studies Department

Students enrolled in the General Studies Department will be exposed to a broad spectrum of the arts and social sciences which will be delivers by using inquiry, discourse, hands-on and real-life applications

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