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Information Technology Department

The IT Department enables students to acquire knowledge and skills required to excel as IT professionals. The program prepares students to lead or be part of a technical team that analyzes, designs, implements, and provides support in a variety of business settings.

The curriculum covers the fundamentals of computers and information technology including hardware, software, networking, web page design, web server management, troubleshooting techniques and computer repair and maintenance. 

Associate Majors

Computer Technician

If working with technology interests you, becoming a computer technician might be the perfect course for you to choose at Sacred Heart Junior College.

Physics final project, The Monkey Hunter Problem.

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Mr. Angel Zetina

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Why Study Here?

Working in the computer and technology department is one of the best decisions you can make if you love technology and enjoy helping others. At SHJC, we focus on developing your skills and giving you the necessary tools to prepare to work independently or as part of a team.

Always remember that the area of technology is an ever-evolving field and will always ask of you to keep on learning and developing professionally. Thus, completing the Computer Technician program will be that first step that will allow you to move forward in your passion for IT.

Self Development

Studying to be a Computer Technician allows you to gain the knowledge necessary to maintain, refurbish or upgrade your personal computer or device. You will be able to troubleshoot your system, identify the best operating system for it and operate to its full potential. This makes your investment in technology cost effective and also benefits others around providing them sound purchasing decisions.

Being a computer technician allows you to work independently or as part of a small business. You learn how to manage networks and computer systems, upgrade them, and assist users and customers when the need arises. You can be asked to provide assistance with software issues, hardware repairs, and provide customer support and service. Becoming a computer technician allows you to have great flexibility in terms of job opportunities.

Why Choose the Information Technology Department?

Computers are an integral part of our daily lives and are used both for work and leisure. Most importantly, they’re an essential component of most every business, from accounting to scheduling to tracking inventory. Therefore, the need to maintain and operate them effectively increases more so everyday, making the need for Computer Technicians necessary.  

Program Sequences for the IT Department?

Computer Technician
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