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General Studies Department

The General Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program that empowers students to become effective communicators, critical thinkers, decision-makers and reflective practitioners. Students enrolled in this program will be exposed to a broad spectrum of the arts and social sciences which will be delivered by using inquiry, discourse, hands-on and real-life application. Students will also be prepared to meet employment and professional requirements.

Goals of the General Studies Department:

The General Studies Department at Sacred Heart College aims to be the leading department in providing students with quality instruction, innovative foundational support, and guidance necessary for students’ life-long learning and academic success.

  • Provide outstanding academic preparation
  • Develop the aptitude and dispositions to become effective and efficient scholar
  • Prepare candidates with a solid academic and professional foundations for further professional study

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General Studies

Liberal Arts

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Ms. Angelique Ayuso

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Why Choose the General Studies Department?

The General Studies Program is designed to provide students with the necessary academic elements to be competent, responsible, life- long learners in a dynamic and diverse world. It aims to develop students’ analytical, intellectual, communication, and problem-solving skills through a variety of instructional methods. It also seeks to prepare students for employment and for further study at the baccalaureate level.

Why Study at Sacred Heart Junior College ?

Sacred Heart Junior College is the leading and prestigious teacher training institution that equips scholars with the necessary skills, knowledge and dispositions to become an effective and efficient educator.  We have an experienced and qualified staff of facilitators that enables scholars to succeed in the field work of practice and beyond.  We provide you with academic support during the pursuit of your degree.

Program Sequence for the General Studies Department

Arts in General Studies
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General Studies Program Sequence, Program Sequences August 11, 2023
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