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Primary Education

Associates of Arts Degree in Primary Education

The Associate of Arts in Primary Education Program is designed to develop individuals who are reflective practitioners and who will continuously seek to improve teaching and learning. In this regard, it aims to prepare student-teachers in both content and pedagogy to be sufficiently competent at the primary level. 

An internship experience is a final component that will allow the intern an opportunity to develop competence in the professional practice as they learn to associate teaching-learning theory that is applicable in the classroom setting and the teacher students learn to examine their own practice.

Primary Education Major

Key Courses Offered

The Primary Education program prepares students by offering the following courses: 

  • Intro to Education
  • The Nature of the Learner
  • Teaching Methods for Primary Curriculum
  • Health and Family Life Education
  • Physical Education for the Primary Grades
  • College Math for Primary School Teachers II
  • Managing the Regular and Multigrade Grades
  • Spanish Methods for the Primary Curriculum
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