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Adventure and Ecotourism

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Jose Awe
Spring Semester 2, 2023-2024
Face to Face
Tourism Management

Course Description

    “Adventure and Ecotourism” is a subject that is deeply relevant to the country of Belize. We must realize the urgency in which we must understand the relevance and the importance the tourism industry affects the country (25% GDP). This course is directly related to this phenomenon, tourism, from which many poor countries grow economically and in so doing, impact the social order of the entire country.  

     While there may never possibly be a solid definition for both the Eco and the Adventure portions that make up tourism, this course will “ride on a fence” between the two and attempt in recognizing them in their singular and combined forms.

    This course is a fun-filled course that in many instances may become intense for an unprepared student. Students are asked to stay up to date with their notes and every other reading material provided to them. Group assignments will be of vital importance as they may reflect the very same ideas of chapter tests and quizzes.

     At the end of this course, students will be expected to carry with them a wide range of ideas of what the concepts of both Adventure and Ecotourism are in the tourism Market place. Along with an understanding of these concepts, this course is designed to give the student an opportunity of the examples of the subject matter within the scope of the tourism industry of Belize, not only as theoretical examples but also, of practical examples, hence the travel opportunities.

Course Code/Section Time Date Room Instructor
TOUR23022A23 11:20-12:35 Mon, Wed Online J. Awe
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