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College English 3

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Guadalupe Gillett, Natalie Williams
Spring Semester 2, 2023-2024
Face to Face
General Core
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College English 3 provides SHJC students with opportunities to develop their ability to organize and present ideas and information effectively in argumentative essays, annotated bibliographies, research papers, essay critiques and oral presentations.  This course will strengthen students’ critical thinking skills while fostering an appreciation for gathering or collecting information.  Students will embark on understanding the importance of research as a tool for discovering, processing, and disseminating information and ideas.  Furthermore, students will continue to apply comprehension skills, analysis and critical evaluation to a wide range of oral and written material.  They will develop the ability to express themselves in speech and writing, with precision, accuracy, clarity and fluency.  Students will also be writing various papers to assist in the research writing, including an annotated bibliography and final research essay/paper. 


Course Code/Section Time Date Room Instructor
ENGL20042A23 6:55pm- 8:10pm Tue, Thu Online N. Williams
ENGL20042B23 2:30pm – 3:45 pm Mon, Wed LN-8 N. Williams
ENGL20042C23 2:30pm -3:45pm Mon, Wed LN-10 G. Gillet
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