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Introduction to Tourism

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Josephine August
Spring Semester 2, 2023-2024
Face to Face
General Studies, Tourism Management

Course Description

TOUR1001 introduces students to tourism and travel, one of the largest industries in the world, which is dynamic and growing. The course begins with a brief history of the development of tourism in the Caribbean and travel motivators of early and recent times. It defines tourism and allows students to trace the development of what has become a rather complex industry today. Students will be introduced to the nature, structure, and complexity of tourism. They will examine the types and functions of the various sectors and the role of various stakeholders including government, the community, and the private sector in the development and delivery of tourism. It also examines the benefits of tourism as well as the various types of challenges tourism and travel present to a host country—its people, stake holders in the industry, culture, resources, and the environment and addresses approaches for sustainable development. Finally students will examine the Proposed National Tourism Policy for Belize as a means of understanding how the concept of “responsible tourism” is manifesting itself in the development of “a kind of tourism appropriate for Belize.”

Course Code/Section Time Date Room Instructor
TOUR10012A23 2:30-3:45 pm Mon, Wed LN-4 J August
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