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Software Troubleshooting

Course ID
Rito Fernandez
Spring Semester 2, 2023-2024
Face to Face
Computer Technician

Course Description:

This course gives students experience in testing , installing and debugging software problems. Students will be introduced to software troubleshooting software, to future assist in their examination of a system unit.

Students will apply skills learned in the previous three semesters to real world computer tasks. These tasks will include students working on a system unit , identifying the problem, and determining a solution.  Students will determine if the problem is either software or hardware related.

Document their steps taken to solve the problem.  

Students will be required to find customers (any person with a computer that is not working properly), bring the computer to the Technician Lab and demonstrate to the instructor what steps to take to identify the problem.  The student will take the necessary steps to resolve the problem.  Students will only be graded once the computer is fixed and working properly.

Throughout the course students will be preparing for the A+ examination. 

Course Code/Section Time Date Room Instructor
CMPS27522A23 9:55am-11:10am Mon, Wed LN-2 R. Fernandez
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