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Student Insurance

SHC Inc. is proud to partner with the Insurance Corporation of Belize Ltd. (ICB) to offer the Personal Accident Policy to all SHC Students.

Every student who is registered at Sacred Heart Junior College is covered by SHJC’s accident insurance plan with the Insurance Corporation of Belize ICB. The insurance covers students twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week as long as they are registered at SHC. Students are covered whether they are on campus or at home, traveling to and from school and especially on class trips.

What is the Personal Accident Policy?

The Personal Accident Policy is an ICB’s Policy that provides accidental and Death benefits to insured students. With the Personal Accident Policy coverage, insured students will have this protection on campus, off campus, in Belize or abroad. Personal Accident Policy covers the insured student for as long as they are registered at SHC. The policy is renewable at the start of every semester during registration. Students pay for the service as part of their registration fees.

What does Personal Accident Policy offer?

Accidental Death

If the insured student dies because of an accident during the period of coverage, ICB will pay to the beneficiary the principal sum of $20,000.

Medical Expense for Accidental Injury

When an insured student is injured accidentally and result in necessary treatment from a legally qualified physician, services from a legally constituted hospital, this benefit will pay the principal sum of $20,000.

Exposure & Disappearance due to Air Travel

If an insured student disappeared in an accident such as the sinking or disappearance of an aircraft in which the insured was riding as a passenger, even if the body was not been found, it will be presumed that the insured suffered loss of life as a result of injuries and the policy will pay the beneficiary the principal sum of $20,000.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

If the insured student was to die because of an accident outside of the country, ICB will pay the reasonable expenses incurred for the cost of returning the mortal remains to the country OR the reasonable funeral and related costs if the body is buried or cremated at the place of death. The maximum amount payable shall be 50% of the principal sum of $20,000, $10,000.


If an insured student suffers injuries caused solely by external, violent and accidental means and results in:

  1. Loss of both hands or both feet, or permanent loss of sight of both eyes or any of the mentioned, they receive the principal Sum of $20,000.
  2. Loss of one hand or one foot, or loss of sight or one eye, they receive 50% of the principal sum insured, $10,000.

For more information about accessing support from the insurance company or to make a claim, please contact Mr. Marvin Garcia, at ICB. You can get the Insurance Form from here.


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