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Track Your Business Course Sequence

Instructions: Blue buttons represents courses that are available, do not require a pre-requisite or you have passed the pre-requisite.
Grey buttons represent courses that are not available, require a pre-requisite or you failed the pre-requisite.
Click on the blue button once and the button turns green which signifies you passed the course.
Double click on the blue button and the button turns red which signifies that you failed the course.

Right click to reset the button to its initial state.

If you failed a course and is a pre-requisite for another course, the other course turns unavailable.

Are you taking Pre-College Courses?

Choose the courses that were waived stated on the email sent to you.

Pre-College Courses Semester 1, Year 1 Semester 2, Year 1 Summer Semester 1, Year 2 Semester 2, Year 2
Communication Gen. Core
Social Science Elective
Info Management Gen. Core
Personal & Social Elective
Natural Science Elective
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