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Early Childhood Education ECE

Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education

The Associate in Early Childhood Education prepares students to become specialized teachers in the implementation of the fundamental’s Early Childhood Education. Teachers will be qualified to better perform and assist at the Kindergarten, Infant I infant II and Standard I levels.

The program, was first piloted by Sacred Heart Junior College, and Ecumenical Junior College. The program counts with the support of capable professors of Campbellsville University in Kentucky. It is a hybrid program with some online courses, face to face sessions and guided practice.     

Early Childhood Education Major

Key Courses Offered

The Primary Education program prepares students by offering the following courses: 

  • Foundations of Early Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Language Development in the Early Years
  • Implementing the Integrated Early Childhood Curriculum
  • Family, School & Community Relations
  • Health, Saafety, Nutrition of the Young Child
  • Assessment and Evaluation in ECE
  • Creative Arts & Play
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